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Semax - that's it!
My aunt is a teacher, and a stroke with her happened right in class! Among her students were people, savvy in pharmaceuticals. The girls ran to the pharmacy for Semax, while the ambulance was on their way to the hospital themselves and dripped semax. When we arrived at the hospital, they told us about the drug, after consulting with the doctor, we decided to continue therapy with these drops. It turned out to be a rescue! You know, who is not treated with Semax, first, it has more severe consequences, and secondly, even the recovery is much slower. Therefore, we also advised everyone to drip semax, this is a great feeling when you realize that you save the health of patients. So, with semax to aunt in the first days, life literally began to return in all senses. She began to understand us, move her hand a little, it turned out to pronounce the average sentence length. Now a speech therapist and other doctors are engaged with her, and, of course, Semax. Hope she will soon recover!
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Thank for magic drug!!!
Our family also had this terrible grief - my sister was overtaken by a stroke. At first we were glad that she survived. But when the new doctor prescribed us Semax, we realized that there is hope for restoring normal life after a stroke. Semax gradually regains sensitivity to the hand and foot of the sister, post-stroke problems with vision disappear, she says it's almost normal. And this we only finished the first semax course a month ago. She now always has a fighting spirit and a cheerful state of mind. She straightened up, and then, after a stroke, she did not feel like living
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